Friday, December 12, 2014

Reduction Printmaking 7/8 grade Elective

Clay Gargoyles and Boxes

We learned about Gothic art and cathedrals in 6th grade

We made Clay slab boxes and sculptures with a lid attached.
Students chose any figure to make a "gargoyle". We used crumpled newspaper inside to keep it hollow.

It was fun to see the different ideas the 6th graders came up with.

Texture was added to the figures to make them more interesting. Negative space is especially important in making sculpture.

Figures could be standing up or laying down. Gargoyles are sometimes whole bodies but can also be only a head.

Watercolor Techniques 6th grade

6th grade learned how to mix up watercolor washes.

We learned many different watercolor techniques: wet in wet, alcohol spray and drip, resist and scratching, graded wash, and salt.

We used watercolor boards made from foam core to hold our paper at 20 degrees to paint on the washes.

We used our techniques to make our watercolor landscape collage.

Students mixed colors to go with the type of landscape they chose to paint.

We used our practice techniques to make our landscapes.

Clay Turtles in Fourth Grade

Glazing the turtles before putting them in the kiln.
Fourth Grade created
turtles using a pinch pot for the shell. We all reviewed how to make a pinch pot. All students learned this previously but needed to review.
We looked at turtle pictures from all over the world. They come in many colors beside green.
Students put different textures and designs on the shell.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Pottery Wheel and Clay Sculpture in the Art Room

We spent two weeks in the art room to learn how to make pots on the pottery wheel.  While the students waited their turn on the wheel, they made slab clay vases.

We have two pottery wheels so we can have 4 students on each class period.

The students chose their own subjects to decorate the clay vases. Each piece must be slip and score before firing in the kiln.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Yearbook Cover Art Submissions 2014-2015

Here are some submissions for this years PCK yearbook. For the past few years, students can design and submit a cover based on the current theme.

This years theme is Choose your own Adventure like the book series.

We had very creative designs. There will be one winner on the front cover and one on the back.

Mixing Colors in an Eye- 4th grade

We practiced mixing colors starting with primary- red, yellow, and blue

We learned about intermediate colors as well as secondary colors.

First we painted in the primary colors.

When mixing colors, we always start with the lighter color.