Saturday, April 18, 2015

Abstract Can Value Drawings

This was a good practice in value sketching.

Each student chose a soda can and crushed it carefully in the middle.

We used blending stumps and pencils to blend the shading.

Treasure Map ATC

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Snowy Day Collage

Treasure Island Maps- 4th grade

Fourth Grade has been reading Treasure Island and will be having a Pirate Day soon.

We drew a treasure map with various elements from the story.

It was fun to see the shape each came up with for the Island.

We added a rose compass and edges to look like it was a rolled up map.  Colored pencils and sharpies were the first steps.

We used art Stix for the large areas.

Lastly, we used liquid watercolor for the water and brown scroll parts.
Here are some of the very creative pieces the students came up with.

Self Portraits from a Convex Ball

We created self portraits in a new way. Each student was given a glass ornament to view their image and sketch what they saw.

There were two perspectives to draw: first, themselves, and second the background in the weird angles.

They did a rough draft on newsprint with pencil and the final was with charcoal and watercolor.
We looked at some art by Escher who has done some convex mirror paintings.

Here are some finished masterpieces!

Wooden Collage Sculptures

My art elective this year is enjoying 3D sculpture projects. For this artwork, each student selected a wooden plaque and painted with the color of their choice with acrylics. Some students "antiqued" their color with a coat of black and wiped this off.

The fun part was adding various shapes and sizes of wooden pieces. We used wooden squares I had cut from large paint sticks.

The squares were painted different colors too. We added many embellishments like beads, shells, letters and glued them onto the background.

It was amazing how different each one turned out.

The last step was hammering small nails on the pieces for a decorative effect. We borrowed lots of hammers and got in trouble for all the noise we made. We had to move to the other side of the building for the second day we hammered.
Here are some finished pieces. These will be going to the Douglas County Art Show.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Chinese Bamboo Painting- 4th grade

In Fourth Grade we are learning about different types of Chinese Art.

One type is Chinese brush painting of Nature. Some things that are popular are bamboo, orchids, chrysanthemums, and plum blossoms.  We watched a powerpoint to see what examples looked like.

We spent a class practicing how to paint Bamboo plants.

We each had sumi-e brushes, black paint, and water.  We made a value strip to see how to make different shades from gray to black.

Making an "ink" value strip.

There were four different parts to a Bamboo plant.

We learned how to hold our brush upright except when making the stalks. We put our finger on the brush to get a wide stroke.

Other parts of the Bamboo were the leaves, nodes, and branches.

We did a worksheet to practice what we learned before painting our final Bamboo.

Painting our final Bamboo painting.

Each students painting came out so unique.

Making the stalks. Leaving room for the nodes inbetween.