Thursday, October 9, 2014

Middle Ages Castles- 4th grade

Clay Slab Building in 6th Grade

We made boxes in 6th grade using a cardboard template, wooden slats, and a rolling pin. We tried to get our boxes really square.

This class did great and were very focused during the class. Next we will be making our sculptures .

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tempera Ink Resist

For this project we used ink and tempera paint.

We tried the tempera Ink resist in the 7/8 grade class. We started with cardboard and outlined our drawing with chalk to give a boundary for painting the tempera.

Some wanted mostly black background. Color was added before we applied the ink.

We taped down the painting on a board to give more support when washing off the ink. This did not come out as well as using the heavy watercolor paper.

Greek Scratchboard vases

Sixth grade is learning about Greek myths so we studied Classical art.  This included  Greek and Roman art and architecture.

One way we can learn about Greek life and myths is from the ancient greek vases. We made our own scratchboard with orange oil pastel and black tempera.

Each student chose a creature or person from  a Greek myth or everyday life.  I brought in library books on greek myths that were illustrated for ideas.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Chinese Take-out Charcoal Sketching

We set up some chinese boxes with a spotlight to show the lights and darks in our 7/8 grade class.

We started with gray construction paper and added charcoal : pressed, pencil charcoal, white and  vine charcoal.

The students enjoyed this activity.

Shadows were added on the table.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Oil Pastel Abstract O'Keefe Paintings and poems

This was our fundraiser project for the year. Sixth graders learned about blending oil pastel and adding shades and tints.

I had photos of closeups of flowers that we used a viewfinder to further enlarge the flower part. I stressed that the edges of petals should not be drawn to get an abstract look.
Students could choose any colors they wanted.  We talked about georgia okeefe used a lot of analogous colors in her paintings.

Next the students wrote a poem about their painting. They were supposed to imagine what the painting might look like. We used cinquain style of poem.

Under the Sea Self Portrait

This was an extra project for students that finished early. I brought in some snorkel masks and fins for them to sketch. Next they made a drawing of themselves under the sea.

They traced these onto scraps of watercolor paper. Flesh colored oil pastel and white crayon were used for resist bubbles. They used pan watercolors for the figures and liq watercolor for the background. A few came out really well.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Matisse- Drawing with scissors 7/8 grade

We learned about Henri Matisse and his art with paper cutouts. The students were not allowed to use a pencil- only scissors to make their shapes.

It was amazing the ideas they came up with.

"The Hiker" 
Each student made two art pieces. One will be used in the school under the tables with glass for the year.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Underwater Sea Watercolor Scenes- 4th grade

In Fourth grade we reviewed warm and cool colors

We practiced drawing some fish with designs and details. We talked about focal points and backgrounds. The fish were painted in warm colors and the background was finished in cool colors.

We used pan watercolors for the fish and plants.  Liquid watercolor was used for the sea.

Oil pastels were used to outline everything before painting.
It was fun to see the variety of coral and seaweed in the background.

Come see our bulletin board. Up until Sept 30 when we send them off to square one Art.