Monday, August 24, 2015

Graphic Art Class in the Middle School

We have a new elective in the middle school called Graphic Art Class. We are learning to use the program Adobe Photoshop Elements. This is our first project. The students were to create a monster.

This was a drawing only project. We learned some new tools on the program.

There are layers in Elements that you work on separately. One was entitled monster body and monster details. The background is another layer. This is a simple project to learn how the program works.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Welcome to a New Year in the Art Room!!

We want to introduce to Mrs. Vinski who will be teaching art with Mrs. Ackerman this year. She will be teaching some of the younger grades and part of the sixth grade.  Mrs. Vinski and Mrs Ackerman have been working hard to get the art room ready for the new year.
     Our first projects will be for the Square One Art Fundraiser. Watch for more information.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Baroque King/Queen Playing Card 6th grade

This was a project 6th grade worked on after our rembrandt portraits. The Baroque art period took place during the queen and king reigns. Here the students designed their own cards.

Each student designed either Queen, King, jack or Jester characters.

We used markers to add some color.

Ceramic Plates in 7/8th Grade

We designed our own ceramic plates in middle school.

We learned different techniques such as applique, sgraifitto, modeling, ink resist, and slip trailing.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

7th/8th Grade Watercolor/Ink Birds of Prey

We are learning how to shade and texture watercolors using a photograph of a hawk, owl, or other birds.

First step is to draw the bird with pencil and go over with ink.

Here are some finished art pieces.

Illustrated Proverbs 6th grade

This is a popular project with the 6th grade as they learn how to draw some cartooning characters.

Each student chooses a proverb from our Core Knowledge List. They have to come up with a creative way to illustrate with cartoon people. 

This is a painting by a Northern Renaissance Painter, Pieter Brueghel.  It contains over 100 proverbs illustrated that were popular during 1559.

We used colored pencils for this project. Some new techniques were taught and finally calligraphy letters to write each proverb on the drawing.

It was fun to see the different classes ideas for the same proverb.

The students could choose to use the literal sense or what the proverb means to them.

The student shared their proverbs with the class and explained the meanings.

PCK Art Show Walk 2015

Mrs Barker, Mrs Ackerman PCK Art teachers
This year we held the Art Walk the same night as the Talent Show. Students and their families could visit our art show before or after enjoying the Talent Show.
The front case holds 3d Artwork from students.

Siblings and parents can fill out a form to select their favorite artwork from each grade.

Douglas County District Art Show

This year the Douglas County Art Show was held at the Lone tree Cultural Art building. Here are my selected art pieces from my students in 4th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade. Three pieces received ribbons from the judges.

Here are several shots of the 3D pieces on the table.
One sculpture received an honorable mention ribbon.
The students did a fabulous job!!

Here is a closeup of Noah's sculpture.
Next,  the students attended an award ceremony at the PACE center in Parker. Here are the three winners with their art pieces. Their pictures were included in the PCK weekly newsletter and the artwork was displayed in the front case with the ribbons.

Monochromatic Portraits 6th grade

We are working on values in our self portraits. Each student chose a color to mix with white to get 4 shades.

It takes concentration to see the various shades in the black and white photo.

When the students do a good job the paintings come to life.
Some finished portraits.

Oil Pastel Self Portraits- 4th Grade

We are learning how to draw our portraits with good proportion of eyes, mouth, nose, etc. We used two sided mirrors to view our eye and nose shapes.

Adding our hairline, bangs and ears.

The next class we tested different colors to make our skin color. We added shading and cheek color on top of the base color.

Then we decided our hair colors, and eye colors.

Each student chose a background and color theme to use.

We used oil pastels for the medium. We learned how to blend the colors in the face and hair.