Thursday, August 28, 2014

Abstract Can Value Drawings

Pop Art in the Middle School

Sixth grade collage

This is the first year our students are using sketchbooks in art class. The first project we do is to give unique character to them.

We talk about the three parts of collage: Background, Focal point, and embellishments.

We have tons of collage materials in the art room they can use to create. One requirement is to put their name on the front in some way.

There were no two sketchbook designs alike!

The second day we got out the finishing touches. Puff Paint, ribbon, rubber stamps, paper money or cards were some of the choices.

Fourth Grade Underwater Scenes

These are not finished. We have been learning about warm/cool colors for our fish and creature watercolors.  We talked about focal point, background, and what makes a good composition. The painting should not have empty spaces. The fish were traced in oil pastel with warm colors.

Next we used liquid watercolors all around the background. It was fun to see all the creative imaginations and the sea creatures they added to the scene.

The last step will be to use pan watercolors to finish the details on the fish this week.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Sketchbook covers 7/8 grade Watercolor masking

The middle school used watercolor spray with stencils to create a background for our covers this year.

Wherever the stencil was laid it stayed white with color around it.

The next step was to paint on or around the white area with acrylic paints. Some outlines with markers as well.

The different shapes were fun to see on each cover.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Baroque King/Queen Playing Cards 6th grade

This was a project we ended the year with in 6th grade. We were studying Rembrandt in the Baroque period.

When the students were finished their portraits, they worked on designing their own playing card.

The first step was to draw a queen, King, Jack, or Joker on one half of the tagboard card.

We used a rectangle template for the outline. I provided pics of Queens and kings as well as playing cards for inspiration.

We used tracing paper with a pencil to copy one half of the card and then flip the tracing paper over and redraw over the pencil lines to transfer an identical figure on the other half of the card.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Monochromatic Portraits in 6th Grade

Sixth grade is learning about monochromatic color mixing. Each student chooses one color to complete their portrait in.

A Value strip must be completed with pencil and  tempera paint of their chosen color. We practice mixing the colors together.

First step is to add the white (lightest color) and darkest color.

I took a digital photo of each student with a hat of their choice. We learned about Rembrandt and how he used shading in his paintings.

Here are some finished works.