Sunday, August 15, 2010

WELCOME BACK to the Art Room

The first day we made some creative nametags in 6th grade. I have 48 new faces to learn.
I have been getting some new projects lined up for everyone.

I am so excited to be back teaching middle school Art at Core. Check back next week as we will have some artwork posted and sketchbook assignments listed as well as what each class is doing now.

Your student will be bringing home the contract of behavior to sign this week. Also there is a place to check if you are able to volunteer in the 6th grade art room. You do NOT need to be creative or artistic to do this. We need parents to help hand out supplies, oversee cleanup and help students with remembering what they are supposed to do. I guarantee if you come in you will be back. We have lots of fun creating all kinds of art.

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