Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sixth Grade Watercolor Landscape collage

We learned many different watercolor techniques before making our collage. Each student incorporated salt, alcohol, wet in wet, graded wash, splattering, sponging,dry brush and scraping.
They had to choose what type of landscape to represent with their colors. Mixing colors was encouraged to get natural shades for their landscape.
Next we tore our strips in half to get different layers of our landscape to glue down to the paper.

We tried to get bright vivid colors by using less water and more pigment. The 6th graders made up their watercolor was in muffing tins to get enough to cover each strip. (4 x 6 inch) We used watercolor boards made from foam core to learn our wash techniques.

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Miss said...

These are beautiful- I love the layering as well as the lovely soft torn edges. Thanks for sharing!