Saturday, February 11, 2012

Animal Carvings with Texture-6th Grade

This project was for most the first time they were introduced to carving linoleum. We used something called wonder-cut which is a little softer. The students decided on an animal to draw on their 4 x 6 shape.

Next they outlined the subjects and background with a thin tool. The hardest part was to decide the dark and light parts. The white areas were carved out. The assignment required the students to include texture in the animal and a special signature of their name somewhere. Albrecht Durer , hid his initials somewhere in each of his carvings and engravings.

If you have questions about technique or steps, leave a comment.


Miriam Paternoster said...

great work! How did you print these? Do you have a screw press or did you print by hand?
I admire your prints!

mrs ackerman said...

We just printed them by hand with a speedball barren. A good way to get crisp prints is to always have the paper on top when burnishing.