Thursday, October 9, 2014

Middle Ages Castles- 4th grade

Fourth Grade is learning about middle ages and we drew our own castle in art class

First we used a few cardboard templates for the front of the castle and some of the towers. We talked about how to draw an elipse at the top so it looked rounded and 3D.

Students could draw the castle longways or tall holding their paper portrait style. We learned about crenellations on the top of the towers and wall.  These shapes allow for the archers to hide while protecting the castle.

Next we learned how to draw blocks of the castle by alternating each row.  Gray oil pastels were used for the castle or art stix if they wanted to add color.

We read Mrs. Frizzles castle adventure to learn how the castles use different defenses against attacks. Students could add porticos, moats, knights and horses, shields and many other creative elements.

They all came out so different!

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