Thursday, August 26, 2010

Black Glue Watercolor Painting-Seventh Grade

We have started our Square One Art Project. This is a fundraiser for supplies in the Art Room. We are painting the outline of our drawing with Black glue. Some are using toothpicks to outline the smaller details. After the glue dries completely we will paint with vivid watercolors. We chose bright colored animals like poison dart frogs, birds, and fish.


Anonymous said...

Did you add black paint to ELMERS? It sound like a great project I amy try it with my adult students
Dave Daniels

trish said...

I use india ink with the elmers glue.I will post some when they are finished.

Anonymous said...

They look great. I wondered about the quantities mixed to glue?

mrs ackerman said...

I put just enough ink to make it black. If you dont put enough it looks grey. Maybe one half teaspoon to 4 oz glue.