Thursday, November 25, 2010

Egyptian Animal Carving in 8th Grade Sculpture

We learned about carving in our Sculpture elective. The subject we chose from was Egyptian Animals. We studied a bit about the animals in the Nile River and Egypt. There were many animals the Egyptians carved out of stone to bury in the pyramids. Some animals were admired while others were despised. The first step was to draw on each side of our foam carving block the dimensions of the animal. We had to draw the side, top and front view. Even this was difficult before we started carving. Next we took away the negative space at the corners. We used steak knives, rasps, and metal shaping tools.

After we were finished carving, we chose a stone to imitate with our painting. Acrylic paints were used on the foam. Different layers or splattering accomplished this effect.

This student chose pyrite and used glitter to get the look.
The stone is in the far left of her paper she is trying to copy.

This was a difficult project and they all did a great job on subtractive carving. Once they go going, it was easier to see the animal shape coming out of the block.

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